My Bengal of gold, I love you
Forever your skies,
your air set my heart in tune
as if it were a flute,
In Spring, Oh mother mine,
the fragrance from
your mango-groves makes me
wild with joy-
Ah, what a thrill!
In Autumn, Oh mother mine,
in the full-blossomed paddy fields,
I have seen spread
all over - sweet smiles!
Ah, what a beauty, what shades,
what an affection
and what a tenderness!
What a quilt have you spread
at the feet of banyan trees and
along the banks of rivers!
Oh mother mine,
words from your lips are like
Nectar to my ears!
Ah, what a thrill!
If sadness,
Oh mother mine,
casts a gloom on your face,
my eyes are filled with tears!

Original in Bangla by
Rabindranath Tagore
translated by
Professor Syed Ali Ahsan


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